Outskirts of town.


Japanese Nights

On December 2nd 2018 the Vagrant Skates team left their cardboard mansions in sunny California and headed for Osaka, Japan. For one week Elijah Akerley, Archer Braun, and Cody Subido explored the Japanese skate scene.



Chris Livingston's "Parched and Pitted" Part

Clearly some beasts aren't cut out for long-term survival like some desert creatures such as the scorpion, the rattlesnake, the tortoise, and so on. If you're not built for it, your desiccated carcass will soon vanish into the sand and scrub brush.

Chris Livingston is a creature of longevity, thriving in the scorching microcosm of the American southwest. Perhaps it’s his steady diet of meatloaf-lipped backyard pools and chasers of cold beer and nighttime firewater that seem to nullify the aging process. He rose in the dead-end times when the rotting vert ramps he was laying waste to began to give way to handrailings and street disco fanny-sacking. And like any survival oriented organism in the desert, he chose the underground life as a means of continuing on. Who needs masonite when you've got plaster? Given the choice between taking an invert to flat ground or a backyard pool, the heartier soul is always taking the latter route. 

It's not uncommon for Livi to skate well over fifty different pools in a year, and he's going to bring everything he's got to every session. If you've been there, you know. Fences jumped, hoses dropped, and both shallow and deep end business handled. Having skated with him at a few choice pools over the years, I was beyond hyped to deliver a graphic at his request. Long may he run.


sketchy 1.jpg




Cardboard Mansion is the second full length video from Vagrant. Featuring Zane Timpson, Elijah Akerley, Jojo Heffington, Brendon Villanueva, Dustin Brown and Diego Alverado.