Sketchy rolling, bunch of dudes in a van with a Barbie named Sheila going north riding Vagrant Skate sticks, goin’ fast and refusing to let the party ever end. Jah lost a hundred bucks in dice, Brendon broke Woofie’s table, Jojo took blocks, Ryan flew around grabbing frontside, I putzed around with some nerdy tricks and went to sleep early every night. Livi met up with us out in Portland and spent more time upside down grabbing coping than all of us combined for the whole trip. Many amazing times, lots of shotgunned beers, impromptu skate camp sessions, occasional Motel 6 nights saving us, and a few premiers of “Cardboard Mansion”.

This is sketchy rolling.

Squad up in the Safeway parking lot. From left to right we’ve got our filmer Coburn Huff starbuck’d up and keeping us on the road going somewhat in the right direction. Underneath is Brendon Villanueva, full sender chomping up every rail in his path and howling sabbath or GG lyrics every chance he gets. Next is Ryan Hill, smooth operator and air connoisseur from down south. Then Zane Timpson, aka me, dried out and mentally plotting the next silly maneuver to battle on my skatestick. To my right is Elijah Akerley, Lewiston, Maine’s finest and dirtiest—If anyone’s seen this kid on a skateboard its like watching a fish in water. Frank Shaw, our OG OG Oregon Legend Local Tour Guide 9000 whom we met up with out in Medford, and took us to the backyard pits that would’ve slipped past our radar without him. With the “Skate Pools” T-shirt and the black beanie is Chowchilla legend Jojo Heffington, who learned how to frontside grind in a backyard pool, never chills, and recognizes the stark difference between Van Halen and Van Hagar. To the far right is Frank’s homie, Austin who kept a bit quiet but held it down regardless! Behind the lens is Dave Gutierrez, one of the hyphiest and most talented humans I’ve ever encountered.


This is what it’s like to be on a Vagrant trip through the lens of Dave Gutierrez.


Here’s Brendon hopping on a Portland slider bar, wasted as heck and the last spot of the day. Right behind the camera is a wall, so he sent full speed into that bad boy upon rollaway


Sinister Brendon, pretty sure this was taken right after stone cold steve austin’ing a couple beers together and chugging the explosion.

sketchy 6.jpg

Ryan blasting frontside with a subtle punk rock hand gesture \m/

sketchy 7.jpg

Picture perfect backside ollie to disaster smasher at this rad little park in Bend, Oregon. Someone throw this photo of Ryan on a poster or something, good looks on the flick Dave!

sketchy 8.jpg

Ryan and I getting some morning parking lot inspiration watching Heath’s park from Sight Unseen

Here’s me getting blunted on my nose in the trees of Windell’s skate camp. Pretty good spur-of-the-moment piss stop on the side of the road en route to Portland if I don’t say so myself.

sketchy 10.jpg

First time going backwards on a double kinker for me. Took me just as long to land this as it took Brendon to land a good four separate tricks on this rail.

sketchy 11.jpg

Traffic was bad on the 5 headed up north out of SF, so Jah and Brendon hopped out for a smoke skating through traffic and skitching the van. Here’s Elijah reentering the sketchrollmobile

sketchy 12.jpg

Jojo spotted this little DIY bowl next to a barrier spot in Eugene and immediately tanced it out. Here’s Elijah reaping the benefits with a backside boneless

sketchy 13.jpg

Pretty sure Elijah can sleep anywhere he damn well pleases, I think it’s a super power

sketchy 14.jpg

Got to skate the ramp behind Tactics for a bit. Here’s Jah fakie thrusting four wheels up on the wall and poppin back in. Probably listening to Waylon


Chowchilla NEVER chills. Jojo Puffington poking smot and putting in work. Heavy lifting for all those blocks hacked

sketchy 16.jpg

The squad all got some at Windell’s but Jojo took it to the top rope of the indoor ramp with a good ol’ slob plant.

sketchy 17.jpg

Already 45 minutes late to the demo, Jojo handled this frontside blunter before we sent over to WJ park.

sketchy 18.jpg

Full tance mode in Portland with Ryan, Frank and myself.

sketchy 19.jpg

Livi met up with the squad out in Portland and HANDLED business! Proper egg over at Faulks, he showed up and shut down the session hands down.

sketchy 20.jpg

At a park known for some smooth, flowy lines, Livi takes the harsh barge approach up this bank to wall with a frontside hurricane. 


Jojo in full sender mode over at Woofie’s crib out in Washington. We had a good ol’ time over there, dance partyin n dice games. Jah lost a hundred bucks to Coburn and Brendon flipped Woofie’s table. Sorry, Woof!

sketchy 22.jpg

Pretty badass to see someone hop out of tranny, up onto a ledge and slide right? Jah slid this back tail like a champ and popped it back in no problem

sketchy 23.jpg

Started raining a few minutes into our session at skate camp, here’s me making the best of it on Elijah’s cruiser board. Could barely get those soft wheels to slide on this crail

sketchy 24.jpg

A Maine’r tradition that Elijah brought back with him is the Trust Fall. I’ve seen some pretty heavy ones go down, but Ryan off the top of the van was pretty brute. 

sketchy 25.jpg

The van was stacked tough, but we made it work!

sketchy 26.jpg

Obviously seshing the biggest obstacle in the park at Klamath, this is Ryan stalefishing in yo FACE.

sketchy 27.jpg

On the same catcher’s mitt in Klamath, here’s Jojo with a back crail

sketchy 28.jpg

Over in Eugene, we saw a good ol’ skatepark fight go down. These dudes were circling each other in the street, pissed off about something.

sketchy 29.jpg



Keep the rolls sketchy, my friends.

sketchy 31.jpg

Ryan refusing to comply out in Bend.


Thanks to everyone we met, see ya next time!